Du 4 au 29 novembre
du fusain et des pastels
en noir et blanc qui scintillent...

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Nelson Baptista

Drawing has been my hobby since childhood. I have been drawing for over 40 years now.

My portrait work began in school when we were required to do an exercise consisting of drawing our class mate.

Since then a number of people have asked me to do portraits of their family or friends.

The portraits I do are all in black and white. I use charcoal or pencil in varying degrees of hardness, and recently, I have begun using pastels.

I work from pictures I find in newspapers or furnished by those who wish their portraits done.

My exhibitions :

2005 The Cultural Space of the Passade in Boudry

2008 "Thanks to you," a group exhibition at the Quint-Essences Gallery in Bevaix.

To contact the artist, please contact the gallery at info@galerie-quint-essences.ch. Thank you for your interest.