Are We Not Light? 1


The one without the other

cannot survive:

If it were not for darkness,

light could not be seen.

In contrast, not in similarity,

Are all things made clear.

So it is with you and me;

your solidity vs. my flights of fancy,

inscribed upon the slate of days,

make manifest our differences

and permit a réconciliation

of strange opposites attracted.

As we take flight, light-hearted,

toward the shining dark

of an eternal winter night

above a northern parallel remote,

Daylight tipped on end,

slumbers through a season

moving minutely toward the light

until at last, our bodies intertwined,

arch in love toward the firmament

and restore the balance.

Dawn breaks revealing light motes

streaming through the windows of our soul.


© Nyuka Anaïs Laurent 15.02.2010



I've been wondering… Are We Not Light?  2


Are we not light moving toward an obscure corner to become visible?

What is today but tomorrow's yesterday? Time is indivisible:

Is it not a long continuity that allows us to flow up or down stream,

So long as we follow our intuition and reach toward our dream?

Remember when we sat by the river and flowed away

With the leaf that floated by, taking our thoughts down to the bay?


Remember when life's only meaning was what we gave it?

Still, our youth fled by before we could even grieve it…

Now. This moment is all; it is eternal. It begins and ends

With the creation of beauty seen through a wide angle lens.

Here, there or in between are of no importance at all:

Wherever we are is good when we contemplate nightfall.


When we work, the whole world dissolves, the gesture alone

Is what matters, the color and the form, as we seek to hone

Our skills to better manifest what we see so clearly

In thought. From the mind to the hand.  Oh but we pay it dearly,

For we isolate ourselves from our loved ones, so focused are we.

Art is a drug that burns from inside, a candle lit so others can see.


But when the wick is consumed and the wax has hardened

Hubris still wonders if what we created was enough in the end.


© Nyuka Anaïs Laurent 01.17.2008