Wave of Aggression


In the pond, the trout jump for insects.

The ripples flow outward from the point

Where life met death and renewed life.

The cycles are respected and balance maintained.


In the sky, the eagle hunts the rabbit,

Swoops down, kills cleanly and flies again

To dine upon its tasty morsel.

The cycles are respected and balance maintained.


On earth, man the hawk, kills for wanton greed.

Jealous of resources that are not his,

He disobeys all the ancient injunctions,

Takes without asking, starting conflagrations

That will last generations and spread outward

From one nation to another, a wave of aggression

That catches fire wherever it passes in its progression.

The cycles are not respected and balance is left off kilter.


Do not despair! For this, too, shall pass,

Or so I am told and must believe, or else

I shall go mad and enter in the dance,

The terrible, graceless dance of the hunter

Who seeks dominance rather than nourishment.

Stop! Stop, I say, stop this madness we bury

In indifference for we think we cannot influence

The great whose power is above us all

And who care not that they consume the world

In their constant need for more and more.


Avarice, the germ warfare known to man alone,

Starts wave upon wave of aggression

Until the nexus points implode or shatter

Under the permanent weight of oppression.


Nyuka Anas Laurent     20.11.2010