Just a quarter of an hour from the city of Neuchâtel, by train (platform 5 at the hour + 6 min.) or by car (A-5 exit Bevaix, follow the signs for the  Gare CFF) - We're really quite close by and easily accessible!







3rd floor

CH - 2022 - BEVAIX

079 255.03.08

Parking handy on both sides of the station.




The list of the 15 participating artists in this RETRO-Introspective is as follows:




© 2007 huguette simonet, Dialogue de sourds, terre cuite patinée bronze


© 2006 anaïs laurent, L'ange de nos 50 ans, collage


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Present EXHIBITION RETRO-Introspective

To celebrate the success of our first two years

of existence!

A collaborative exhibition with 15 artists

From May 4 to June 1 2007

Just a little tickler to whet your appetite...


©  2007 danielle chasles, Farandole II 70 x 70 cm











© 2007 micheline sidler, Fantaisie de fleurs cloisonnées d'or 71 x 51cm 
















© 2007, michel buhler, Eclatant, 40 x 60cm 





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During the evening you may see a video of the presentation of the exhibition in the entry hall.


N.B. This exhibition only lasts until the first of June.


Gallery Hours: N.B. the opening hours for this exhibition are exceptional and only for the month of May:


Wednesday through Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m. - the gallery sitters will be the 15 artists who are participating in the exhibition - to know who will be present the day you wish to come and visit, check out the following calendar : 



For further information consult our site (www.galerie-quint-essences.ch) or send us a request at our e-mail address info@galerie-quint-essences.ch.


The next exhibition will be highly unusual - A double gallery installation by an Armenian artist entitled:

Tu Rêves? (Are you dreaming?)

The artist :

Alina Mnatsakanian Zorik.

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To show your support of the gallery's objectives, please feel free to drop a coin (or a bill!) in the little saucer on the table. Your support allows us to continue to seek and find new and upcoming artists of talent and provide you with a lovely cuppa tea when you visit.  Thank you in advance!





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The Galerie Quint-Essences is proud and delighted to present the recent works of 15 of the artists who have previously exhibited in the gallery over the past 2 years. These artists originate from many countries and each one works in their own choice of media, but they are all part of our growing family of artists who have accepted to rent their works or sell them on a lease-purchase contract up to 6 months in duration. They are also available to do work on commission, for festivals, illustration work for books or changing their works on a seasonal basis for sitting rooms, waiting areas or open to the public areas that need to be kept fresh and interesting. We are proud of our talented artists!  


Do join us for Opening night or later on should you wish to spend a bit more time looking at these lovely, and highly diverse works. Saturdays we are still serving tea, of course!

Should you wish to speak to a certain artist in particular, the link to the list of the gallery sitter artists is to your left (click on the calendar).   Thank you so much for your interest and we are looking forward to seeing you often - come de-stress and relax amidst the beauty and calm of our little haven. 


N.B. the videos created by Télé Objectif Réussir (TOR) of the artists and activities seen at the Galerie Quint-Essences are for sale in the gallery on Opening Night or by request for the price of 30F. These videos were made by the collaborators of TOR. Your purchase shows your support of the work done by this association to train and help the people who are no longer helped by the social services system or do not receive unemployment. Feel free to take a look at the videos before purchasing them on the internet site of Objectif Réussir.


Télé Objectif Réussir (TOR) - formerly only visible on cable television in the towns of Bevaix, Bôle, Boudry and Cortaillod, will soon enlarge their network visibility to include Neuchâtel! TOR focuses on programs they have created which concern social and artistic activities in the region. There are usually 4 different 15-minute short films per hour. A unique and highly stimulating point of view.