Ping Pong

What is it that this crazy world demands?

I come, I go, I come again;

Up and down, round and round;

Back and forth and zinging

Never rest, a ping pong ball

The players in some bigger court

Ping and pong, pong and ping,

Playing to their heart’s delight,

As if my personal desires

Had no weight at all,

As if the tiny sphere I am is just

The object in some sport

The others play to loosen up,

Expressing in a match so «politically correct»

All their impotence and anger,

Frustration slams home the need to win,

To be first! Competition has an edge

That sharpens with each use,

Aggressive behavior transforms

Into a viral sport they need to vent

Upon some luckless fool like me!


© Nyuka Anaïs Laurent    04.10.2010