Materials for oils class with John Phillips

Here are some suggestions for materials. Note that it is absolutely not necessary to bring all of the following materials. You will however require at least two canvases. I will be able to lend you some of the materials you are missing.


A small range of brushes : The brushes I tend to use the most are: Flat : 14, 8, 4 and Round 8, 4, 2. I tend to find that most of my work is done with a Flat 4 brush. For surface coverage of large canvases, I tend to use my hands if youd prefer to be more civilized, I suggest that you also bring a large flat brush.


Oil paints: Though Im quite willing to let you use my collection of oils, I suggest that you bring a basic set of oils. This should include warm and cold primary colours. I will supply acrylics for under-painting, but bring acrylics along if you have a set handy.


Medium : You will require one lean (fast drying) medium and one fat (slow drying) medium. I use traditional linseed oil as my slow drying medium. Also bring turpentine for cleaning or a (skin friendly) substitute.


Canvasses. You will require at least two small canvases during this class as drying time will delay works substantially. Cotton or Linen, Primed or Unprimed its your choice. Bring along ANY surface you wish to paint on. I tend to work mostly on primed cotton canvases.


If you have a portable easel handy, please bring it along. However, it is not necessary to use an easel for small works. I will bring an easel for those who wish to use it, but generally, working on a flat surface for works smaller than 60 x 60 cm is quite easy to manage.