Life Quest


What is it we look for all our lives ?

From egg to embryo, from chrysalis to butterfly,

We rush through all phases to get to the next.

Rarely seeing the marvels along the paths

We take, we sprint ahead, running not away

From the death we fear, but toward it inexorably.

Here and there nexus points of importance

Stand out like power nodes, where intersections

Alter our lives forever. Our circuits are not

Robotic, there is less logic than emotive intelligence.

We are not integrated with the mass but unique.

With persons who cause a deviation of route,

With accidents of fate that excise or enhance talents,

With those who give us feelings never known before,

With offspring who cut us off from our potential

Or who bring us joy beyond conceived of happiness,

Happenstance intercedes in our ephemeral lives

Reminding us we do not control everything,

That wisdom would tell us to accommodate

And make do with what we are given

Instead of always seeking more, other, something

We cannot see but feel the need inside of us

Trying to become, urging us to let it live.

So what we seek, seeks us out, and asks

Assistance in developing into something more

Than either of us understood in the beginning.

We started out as nothing more than an urge

To become taking place between two loving beings

Who cared to give life to another who would move on.

Life quest is just that, a quest for life, whatever the paths.


Nyuka Anas Laurent    22.11.2010