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Since the end of December 2008 when we closed the Galerie Quint-Essences, we have been looking for a place to begin anew. During all this time, the Galerie Quint-Essences was alive in our minds and in our dreams.  The exhibitions we sponsored didn't stop. On the contrary, they continued each month at the Inn called  l'Auberge du Plan-Jacot in Bevaix as our way of telling our faithful friends that even without walls our responsibility and solidarity with the artists we support remained intact.

In January we found a spot we thought would be excellent thanks to an article in the Courrier newspaper.  It wa perfect: we were to share the space with an artisan who creates furniture in cardboard and helps people who have lost their jobs regain confidence and go back to work. We would have had 2 out of the 3 rooms and Maurizio Wenzin would have had the big cellar room for his classes.

But nothing is perfect and there were a number of difficulties from the onset: leaks from up above that ruined some of our materials and those of Maurizio (damp cardboard is useless!) and a landlord who had no intention of fixing the leak, etc. so we moved out rapidly without even settiing up the workshop. On the road again...

And we found a new spot across the street! In what was the town hall of the Free Commune of Neubourg, at number 20 Rue du Neuboug, in a building that dates back to the 16th century! Curious?

We signed a 5-year lease and began work on the renovations (extensive) in July as co-renters with Maurizio. The first thing was to add a touch of color and some pretty flowers to brighten up the old place - it worked, don't you think?





Inside, we are doing most of the work ourselves.  Members of the Association Art la cARTe are painting walls, fixing old doors, preparing for a front showcase window, sawing, nailing, etc. It's a lot of work but voluteers are a special breed!

What we can't do we have found some free lance artisans from the region to take on. They are hard workers and their offers often come in under big companies, which is good for us because our budget is particularly small!  They have been a real help in seeing some progress... electricity, floors, ceilings painted...

Beginning of August the electricity was done in the gallery and the ceilings painted... all of a sudden I felt as if we finally had found our new home.  I am not ashamed to say that I cried from joy! I even did a little ceremony all by myself to cleanse the space of all negative remnants of feelings from the past and start out clean... silly but it sure made me feel good!

I have spent a fortune on products to fill the holes and smooth the walls a minimum before painting them white and adding the tracks to be able to hang our works.  Soon a large window will grace the front - it will add a lot of light and give curious passersby a view to encourage their coming in to see the art works up close.

The flooring, antique style  in brick red with a golden center, adds a touch of class in keeping with the epoque in which the site was built. This gives me a taste of interior decoration that will make our space one of privileged relaxation and charm.

Our association, Art la cARTe is slowly growing. We are now at 7 going on 8, at least we hope so. We are still looking for other artists to complete the chosen number of 12, each with a different specialization or media. If you are interested in the joys and responsibilities of membership contact Anas Laurent the gallery director.

Our first sponsor, Getaz Romang of Cressier allowed us to obtain a stone sink with a duckbill faucet for next to nothing. It's so much more beautiful than a regular one in white enamel. It will be showcased in the gallery and will provide us with the atmosphere to go with your choice of teas and coffees. 

All these projects are not inexpensive and we are desperately in need of other sponsors to help us with our expected 30,000Frs. budget. Renovate a space that has changed little since its inception is worthy historic patrimony project.  Become a Sponsor or a Friend of the gallery (once a year gift) and help us provide the right space for our artistic and cultural activities. 

The opening will hopefully be just before the Wine Festival end of September. A press conference will announce the exact date once we have had a couple of weeks of dry run to see how things go and make any necessary changes.

If you wish to become a Sponsor or a Friend, please contact Anas Laurent: 079 255 03 08 /

Any help, be it financial, expertise or physical help will be precious and we thank you in advance. We hope you will make the Galerie Quint-Essences your special place for quiet well-being, esthetic and artistic creativity and much more... Participate in its success!


Anas Laurent, galeriste

Anas' cell phone:

079 - 255 - 03 - 08


The saga continues in Issue N 2 September