I donít know how it came about, not many do.

Was it mere happenstance that tipped the scales

And brought about the Big Bang?

I like to think of the beginning as a birth,

that perhaps the velvet black belly

of Mother Universe grew tired

of carrying so many offspring

and needed to labour mightily

to free herself from all that weight...

And so they spun away from her,

her progeny, their fontanel crusts hardening

as they crossed the vastness of space,

becoming the first explorers of time,

moving ever outward to colonize

the void like eager locusts.

Oh, but they were ingenious little ones!

What they lacked they made

from seeming nothing, though she had seen

to it they had all the elements needed.

Water, land, vegetation, animal species,

all fitting together so seamlessly

to create new life, in appearance spontaneous.

The final question always remains:

who impregnated Mother Universe?


© Nyuka AnaÔs Laurent 04.01.2010