Force 6


Between us air, sea and light:

All waves, all life in motion.

Come ride their crests tonight!

Gale force winds upon the ocean

Do not daunt the strong at heart;

We’ll in the middle meet before we part!


The breeze off the lake is a pussy cat;

All tame, it curls itself around our feet

And gently laps our toes, it is so round and fat!

Not so the night wind that descends the slopes to meet

The sea, and mighty are the waves that form

The white caps that I ride for love rip torn.


We share the same blood in our veins

The two of us, so close we are, we can but fight

And like the waves we clash to foam and strain

Each one for pride of place… Let us this night

Remember who we are and once, just once, be kind:

To survive a force 6 storm our very souls must be entwined.


© Nyuka Anaïs Laurent     21.02 2006