Dreams of World Friendship


So far away in space,

Each one a little colored ball.

Unique. Unattainable.

Yet, so close in thought,

A lightening cord

Linking us.

Still fresh,

The painting of words

Without words that represents

You conceived in surprise,

Swept up in emotions,

Swirling in delight!

The ground falls away

Beneath me

And I fly to your side.

The silver cord shines gold

In the sunrise

Before I must return

From dream to reality.

What I cannot have

Is indeed what I long for;

What I reach out to touch

in dreams, past, present and future,

To hold a moment more

Before rising to leave, again,

Is insubstantial, smoke.

Frail animals that we are,


Always yearning for more,

Brush away the dust

Of moonbeams

And come home.

Let friendship be your guide

And love your angel

Protecting us all.


Nyuka Anas Laurent   22.07.09