Contract between the Galerie Quint-Essences

and the Artist ______________________________________Medium_________________________

I wish to do an exhibition alone / to share the space with the following artist-s:

 Artist 1___________________________________________________Medium_________________

Artist 2 ___________________________________________________Medium__________________

Please find below a document that will serve as the contract between the Galerie Quint-Essences and the Artist/the Artists above :  The postal address, e-mail and telephone numbers (land line and mobile) will be indicated at the end of the document. This contract will be completed and signed by the Artist-s and the gallery representative and a copy given to each of the interested parties.

1)     The dates of your exhibition will be:

2)     You will / will not be (please circle the correct information) the sole artiste involved in the exhibition.

3)    The theme (or title) of the exhibition will be:   

4)   The Artist commits to being present at the Galerie Quint-Essences to speak to the  public the following date-s _______/________/_______ and _______/________/_______, as well as Opening Night. Whenever possible it would be appreciated if you could assist in installing and removing the works. If the artist is in the area he or she should be present at the Art-Teas on Saturday afternoons from 3-5p.m. (voir le N°6). 

5)    To create the documents necessary (posters, invitations, press releases, etc.), as well as a web page to support the Artist, we request that you furnish a CD including:

·         a digital photo (portrait) of the Artist

·         a current CV/resume or summary of the artistic path to date,

·         a list of prior exhibitions of works (date, place, style and materials)

·         a list of the works to be exhibited, including a picture of each work with the following information beneath them: date, title, dimensions (HXW).  Please indicate if in cm. or inches.  Include the price with the commission of 1/3 of the sale price included. The width of the pictures sent by e-mail should not exceed 350 pixels. Do not sent too many at a time or our site is overloaded!

·         Please do not give me a title of "No title" or a number which might be erased by the next person's photo with the same number!

The gallery commits to making two pages per Artist on the website under the icon for the artists. If the information furnished changes, please inform the gallery so your pages may be kept up to date! We shall maintain these pages for a year free of charge. If the artist wishes to remain on the site thereafter, we ask that he/she become a member of Art à la cARTe, a non profit association with dues of CHF150, partially to keep the site up to date and partially to help new artists in financial need to exhibit,  

When works that are on the website are sold through the gallery, the commission will be the same as if he were exhibitin in the gallery.  If works are sold please be so kind as to inform us so we may indicate to whom they have been sold (collectors in particular). Additional photographs may be added if the Artist is a member of the Association Art à la cARTe (dues of CHF150/year) for as long as he or she remains up to date with dues. Artists are "showcased" on the Artists page when exhibiting and later go on the previous exhibitors pages and the archives.

6)     If the Artist is taking care of the gallery during the day he or she may use the little workshop space when no one is about.  If the Artist wishes to speak to the public (conference, slide show, etc.) please let the gallery know far enough in advance to place the information on the website and inform the press. 

Below, the Artist may indicate any dates he wishes to take care of the gallery: the morning (9-12 a.m.) or afternoon (2-6 p.m.) of DD/MM/2011 and/or the DD/MM/2011 This is not mandatory, only good PR.

The Artist will have the right to use the little kitchen area to make teas or coffees (the porcelain crayons or little plastic pig accepts 2Frs / drink for artists, 3 Frs for the public) and may eat in the gallery at lunch time, between 12-2pm, when the gallery is closed.

7     All works exhibited must be for sale, not already part of a personal collection.

8     Artists are responsible for insuring their works at their true value during transport to and from the gallery. The gallery has a policy in case of breaking and entering with theft or damage at the prices stated on the price list.  We are not insured for flood, fire or other breakage while in the gallery.  This means that the Artist exhibits his works at his risk for any  reasons other than those stated.

9    Unless otherwise stated in writing, the Artist is responsible for the basic costs for the Opening, that is, drinks of all kinds and any finger foods.  The gallery usually tries to help out on Opening Nights and on Art-Tea Saturdays with some teas, coffees and wines, or seasonal drinks such as egg nog or hot wine.

10    The gallery also commits to the design and printing of Posters (A-4 and or A-3), flyers (half or quarter page A-4) and invitations free of charge, but we do not send any invitations by postal mail as expenses are too great. Artists may do so at their charge. You are kindly requested to add your list of guests to the gallery list to help future artists with new, interested public.  The gallery distributes 25 posters to the town which puts them up in the alloted and legal spaces. We try to go and visit shops in town with others, as well as flyers to place on counter tops. 

We do not wish to "spam," only inform.  For this reason there will be a notice on each mailing indicating how to be withdrawn from the guest list.

11    The Artist does / does not wish to give a conférence, slide show or PowerPoint  presentation open to the public (please circle whichever is applicable and indicate the subjet ___________________________ and the date or dates desired _________________________ (DD/MM/2011).  The Galerie accepts / rejects this proposal or suggests : _______________________________________________________

12    The Artiste is / is not interested in offering classes or workshops in the following:  ___________________________________.  The price per person for a class will be:  _______________________ including  / excluding materials which cost ____________. Days and times suggested are ______________________________________________.

The total number of hours of classes will be ________________@________CHF.  Minimum number:             ; Maximum number:                 .  Please advise if plastic protection for ground cover must be provided for classes. Thank you.

13    The Galerie takes 25% of the total in-take for classes, conferences, concerts or other performing arts programs.  This does not include activities in which the pass the hat system is active.  The Artiste understands this percentage and agrees.  (Please initial if agreed)

14   In the case of artistic activities in the Galerie Quint-Essences, the Artist knows that he or she is responsible for bringing and returning any equipment used ( i.e., projecter, portable computer, beamer, screen, etc.).  The floor must be protected for classes where paint or glue or other liquids are used.  All set up and clean up are also his responsibility after any activity initiated by him.

15    In the case of any sale of works exhibited either in the gallery or under the auspices of the gallery in another location or on the internet via the gallery website, the Artist will pay the Galerie Quint-Essences 1/3 of the sale price.  Payment must be made in cash (Swiss francs or Euros) or by bank to bank deposits to the name of "Harriette Laurent", Rue Charles-Knapp 29, 2000 Neuchâtel, account number at the Banque cantonale neuchâtelois ( BCN ) 20-136-4 and the IBAN number CH20 0076 6000 K353 5619 1.  A contract must be made out by the buyer and receipt is to be given and kept for any sale. 

All payments are to be given to the gallery director and final payments will be made to the Artist when the exhibition is finished and the monies cashed into the bank account.  A final written accounting will be made, both parties will sign the transaction and receive copies.  No works are to leave the gallery before the end ot the exhibition, unless the work is paid in cash by a foreigner who can not come to pick up the work at the end of the show.  A certificate of authenticity will be made by the gallery for all works sold, which both the Artist and the gallery director will sign, and a copy given to the purchaser, the artist and the gallery. 

If the artist wishes to replace a work taken before the end of the exhibition, he may do so by leaving one or two works on site for the gallery director to use as replacements.

16    If the Artist is interested in the creation at his cost of a video for use on the television station Télé Objectif Réussir (TOR) he may do so by contacting Jean-Pierre Lambert at TOR.  Information is available in the gallery.  Any copies must be purchased from TOR and cannot be made by the Artist.

The gallery will have the right to place the video on its website to publicize the exhibition or to run it during the gallery hours on the portable computer in the gallery.

17     The Artist commits to exchanging and posting website addresses during the exhibition and afterwards for as long as the artist maintains his membership in the Association Art à la cARTe or pages on the website.  This information should include the website address-es, e-mail address and any other information such as telephone or mobile phone numbers and postal addresses.  Please inform the gallery in writing of any information you do not wish included.  We will not be responsible for information on the site that you have not indicated is not acceptable and is used by Google or any other such server afterward.  This information will be placed on the artist's page, on the past artists page and archives.  The artist is to keep the gallery up to date on any changes of address or numbers, etc.

18    The Artist and the Galerie Quint-Essences will decide on and agree to the price of the rental of the space offered in the gallery during the exhibition month (+/-) The normal price is CHF600.-, a price which can be divided among exhibiting artists sharing the space, for example CHF300/300 if they are two. This price is payable one month in advance.

In case of financial difficulty, the artist may request to pay a lesser price of CHF400 to start and the remainder after the exhibition is over, but within one month.

19    To exhibit in any exterior group shows organized by the gallery or under the auspices of the gallery, the Artist must become a member of the Association Art à la cARTe for the year in which the exhibition takes place. (Remember, dues are CHF150/year and go to the Association account, which is a non profit and can be deducted from taxes. These funds are used to help new artists get their start (for example paying for frames, etc., but are reimbursed by the artist after his first exhbition in the gallery.)

20    If the Artiste so desires, he may rent his works through the Association Art à la cARTe. The details will be listed in a separate contract when a renter shows interest.  Interested?  Yes    No   - If interested, we can discuss all the details prior to creating the contract. 

21   The Artist should also let us knoy if he or she accepts to lease his works; that is, to sell the works with a maximum of three payments instead of a single payment purchase, if the price is over X CHF ___________ : Yes   No  

Read, understood and approved this ______________ day of the month of ________________ , 2011.

______________________________________/_________________________________ signed  by the Artiste (capital letters followed by a signature)  and  initialed________________________________




Signed  by the gallery director, Galerie Quint-Essences


Postal address, website address, e-mail and telephone numbers (land line and mobile) of the Artist follow :



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