Commentaire de l'artiste

Dreams of international friendship

(Vendu/sold - private collection, Geneva).

Art is the link that binds
peoples and shares concepts
and emotions without words.

It is a means of telling a story,

exploring hidden recesses,
opening and cleansing wounds,
helping others to understand
our culture and thought
processes, educating where
words can be misconstrued,
learning to feel what others
may feel and much more.

This is true of all the arts,
whether they be visual or
performing, conceptual
constructs or recognizable realities.

It is my hope that my works,
which all have a tendancy
toward the didactic, will speak

of my hopes that humanity can

and will grow to adulthood and

learn patience, compassion, honesty,

the understanding that humans are
merely one of many life forms
sharing this planet, and the
only one that can improve or
destroy it all. Conscience and
awareness together share the
most important places beneath
the surface materials used to
create the works I am now
doing in unseemly haste, as
though I feel I may be lacking
in enough to explore all I
long to see and do on paper
and other media.

I bid you welcome and hope
that what I do may touch you
and bring you joy and the
warmth of shared passions...


Nyuka Anas Laurent   2010-10-11