CV Thierry A Laurent alias Mortal

Thierry A. Laurent, alias Mortal


Thierry went to U-Mass Amherst for three years as both a painting & sculpture major. He has multiple occupations including but not limited to silkscreen, hand-painted clothing and lettering for two Broadway shows currently, clothing from reuse/recycled materials, graphic design, branding and logo development, music, DJ, metal fabrication, reuse/recycle metal sculpture, carpenter, electrician, sound engineer and bicycle refurbishing.


This series of paintings combines acrylic, spray-paint, oil-base paint-marker, silk-screen and sharpie markers on plastic, canvas, rag and paper. There is a combination of techniques used, such as stencil, brush, pen and spray. Some of the silkscreen imagery is taken from Historic NYC buildings. The remainder is freehand.


 “I studied figure on my own throughout high school and college. At the center of the pieces exhibited I am trying to explore the relationship between the figure and the face along side other shapes and objects. To explore how things can take on similar dimensions and randomly align in the smooth lines and the sharp angles.”   cv français